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Home of award winning art by British fine artist Bernie Clarkson; born and bred in the North East of England; living and working in London.
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Bernadette “Bernie” Clarkson is an award winning British fine artist from the North East of England, living and working in London. Her primary medium is oil paint on canvas. As she allows the paint to run and bleed on the canvas each multi-layered piece is the result of many arguments and dialogues with the paint, adding and subtracting information. Colour is a continuing area of study and experimentation.
Detail of Bernie at Work

Bernie Clarkson moved south after completing a BA and an MFA at Newcastle University, her home town, and has a studio close to her home in East London. She works primarily as a painter. Her work has covered a multitude of styles with shifts in style often coinciding with surroundings and circumstances. The American artist Richard Diebenkorn continues to be a huge influence on her and her attitude to her work.

I Saw from the Beach, 2015

Bernie works from photographs; recently her focus has been the North East coastline. Land, sea and sky offer a backdrop to an anonymous figure or figures, which are often painted in a semi-abstract style. The beach as a place of arrival or departure, suggest notions of home; Bernie uses small totemic images of cottages and lighthouses as markers of home.

Detail of Looking Back

In 2015 Bernie won the Academy Studios Abroad Prize for the painting ‘Looking Back.’ This painting was a signature piece exploring autobiographical elements of home, relationships and the empty nest. The prize gave her the opportunity to paint in the French countryside, en plein aire, which in turn created a new shift in her work. [Magazine Article]


Artwork by artist Bernie Clarkson; explore each section for more. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited.
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I first began exhibiting work in 2005 shortly before I began my degree and MFA at Newcastle University. An evolving style is a natural consequence of an artist’s working life and aspects of my creativity and process show my constant exploration of ideas and techniques. My art practice offers me a space to work out thoughts and ideas that are important to me—people primarily and then of course the spaces they inhabit. Exhibiting offers an opportunity to promote myself to the wider public and allows my work to be purchased, to network and to meet other artists and to get inspiration.

Later Exhibitions

2018, Woodhorn Museum. Oceans (Group Show)
2017, Mile End, The Art Pavilion. Traditions (Group Show)
2016, Christ Church, Wanstead. Equinox (group Show)
2016, The Manor House, Wanstead. (Group Show)
2016, Crypt Gallery, London. 100 Madonnas. (Group Show)
2016, St John’s Church, Leytonstone. Seeing is Believing (Group Show)
2015, The Cornerstone, Leytonstone (Group Show)
2015, St John’s Church, Leytonston (Group Show)
2015, The Makers Yard, Walthamstow (Group Show)
2015, Degree Art, Shoreditch. (Group Show)
2014, Inky Cuttlefish, Walthamstow (Group Show)
2013, Chelsea Town Hall (Group Show)
2012, Long Gallery, Newcastle University (Solo Show)
2011, Birdcage Gallery, Newcastle (Group Show)
2011, King’s Place Gallery, London (Group Show)
2011, Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle University (Solo space within a group show)

Early Exhibtions

2011, Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick (Group Show)
2011, Newcastle Building Society (Group Show)
2010, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University (Group Show)
2010, Long Gallery, Newcastle University (one other artist)
2009, Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick (Group Show)
2009, Saltburn Artist’s Gallery (Group Show)
2009, Baring Gallery, Newcastle (Group Show)
2009, Artworks Gallery, Newcastle (Group Show)
2008, Long Gallery, Newcastle University with Tom Knowles
2008, Newcastle Building Society (Group Show)
2007, Long Gallery, Newcastle University with Tom Knowles
2007, House Exhibition with photographer Sophie Pickard
2006, Paris, Le Vesinet, (Group Show)
2005, Paris, Le Vesinet, (Group Show)


Recording my work in a blog allows me to share my paintings and the process of making them with others in a chronological and immediate format. As the blog becomes an archive of my finished and ‘work in progress’ pieces it becomes obvious that some images require some meaningful description which forces me to become clearer in my thinking. As the blogger Joshua Becker said, a blog requires “time, devotion, commitment and discipline,” all qualities definitely required as an artist.
View the full blog archive for more.
  • White Horizon No.2

    White Horizon No.2

    This is the 2nd painting in a triptych using a white horizon as a point of interest.

  • White Horizon No.1

    White Horizon No.1

    This painting, oil on board, is one of three images linked by the title White Horizon. The painting has changed over time and has moved from showing two figures

  • Pink Sky Behind the Lighthouse

    Living in London can sometimes give you a very urban experience and nature and a sense of the land can feel distant. Coming from Newcastle the north east coast

  • Red Line Above the Water

    I’ve recently embarked on a set of about 20 small paintings where sky, sea and land divide each painting into 3 zones. This will be an exercise in colour

  • Two Stand in the Water

    It’s often a difficult decision to know when a painting is finished. It is often an intuitive moment which brings the need to continue ‘digging out&

  • Boy in the Water

    No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 These 5 images are the early chronologies of my new painting ‘Boy in the Water’ which show how a painting not only develops

  • Dark Faces on MDF 2011

  • Sue, Rita, Lindsay 2006

  • Birds on Tiles 2012

    These birds are painted on 5cm sq. white ceramic tiles and I made them to give as Xmas presents to friends.

  • Girl in the Yellow Skirt 2015

    This painting began life as a very different image and while making a series of ‘beach’ paintings this summer I painted over most of it. The only pa

  • Life Painting 2015

    Images painted quickly using a life model outside The Maker’s Yard during the Walthamstow Art’s Trail 2015.


For more information feel free to get in touch

Studio: Old Manor Park Library, 835 Romford Road, London, E12 5JY

Email:  Phone: 07894 633804