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Just to bring this blog up to date. Today’s date is Monday 9th July 2012 and I’m coming to the end of my 2 years Master of Fine Art course. It’s gone incredibly quickly and I’ve been too busy to add a ‘painting-a-day’ to my workload. This academic year (the second year of the course) involved 3 months writing my dissertation, which was handed in in January, and was all consuming so I did no painting until January. My dissertation title was Fear in the Imagined Landscapes: The aesthetic experience of fear in the landscapes of Peter Doig and Neo Rauch. The work sort to explore notions of isolation and alienation in painted landscapes. As a consequence of this work I feel my painting has developed both in cotent and process. I found the notion of a universal human experience as one of estrangement a fascinating concept and since January I have painted a body of work, approximately 50 small scale paintings and 4 large scale paintings exploring these ideas. At the end of August I will have an opportunity to show a selection of these pieces in the MFA degree show.

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